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Environmental Club

The Environment Matters

There are a lot of serious environmental problems which we cause facing the earth today. Our aim as the environmental society is to encourage students to preserve the environment and conserve the natural resources; also our university has a strong commitment to conservation.

The aims of our club are:

- Motivating our students to keep surroundings clean and green encouraging them to conserve water by minimizing the use of water and wastage of water.
- Creating awareness among students to stop wasting electricity which is already a big problem.
- Organizing plantation programs in the region:
a- Planted 650 trees around our new campus area.
b- We have been donated a 40 acres land to forest by the ministry of agriculture.
- Trying to educate the students about reusing of waste materials by the concept of three R's: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
- Cooperating with the various departments to combat environmental damage issues such as energy conservation, water conservation by recycling water and green building concept.

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