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Get to know us

ISHIK UNIVERSITY is a private university owned by Fezalar Educational Institutions. ISHIK UNIVERSITY aims to give high quality education with the ultimate technology, to the new generations who are the hope of the country. The majority of the academic staff of ISHIK UNIVERSITY are international lecturers. Ishik University has been established in 2008 with the permission of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Fezalar Educational Institutions has been established in Erbil in 1994, by Turkish and Iraqi investors and educators, during the civil war in the region. In 1994, the Institution started with Ishik High School in Erbil. The institution has been aiming to establish schools with high standards that provide local and universal values. The company also aims to provide education to everybody regardless of their belief, ethnicity, social status or political ideas. Ishik High School made itself a good reputation in the region. After that, the new schools in Suleimania, Salahaddin Ayyubi Boy Schools and Suleimania Girl Schools were started. During the 15 years, new High Schools and Primary Schools were opened in Erbil, Suleimania, Kirkuk and Dohuk as part of Fezalar Educational Institutions.

In 2007, the institution developed the idea of a private university with the support of students’ families. In 2008 the KRG Ministry of Higher Education approved the new university opening application.

The university started with an opening ceremony in 2008 with the attendance of KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani, parlamentarians, bureaucrats, Consul General of Turkey in Mosul, and parliamentarians from Turkey. This opening has also started a serious rapprochment between Turkey and the region.

Education is being conducted temporarily on the ground floor of the Ishik Private High School which is also the first school of Fezalar Educational Company. For the first year students were accepted only to the English Prep. School. For the 2009-2010 academic year students have accepted to five bachelors degree programs and 8 English Prep. School programs. The university has been expanded by converting one of the unused workshops of the Industrial School into the College of Education. Some other parts of Ishik High School has also been transfered to the university.

In 2010-2011 academic year nine bachelors degree programs will be available. Ishik High School will move to its new building leaving the current building completely to the university. For the Masters Degree programs, the application to Higher Education Ministry is being awaited to be processed. These programs will be opened with the cooperation of Zurich Technical University and Epoka International Albanian University. Negotiations for further international cooperations are being conducted.

Our Vision

ISHIK UNIVERSITY envisions being a leading educational institution in the Middle East. We aim to do this by providing theoretical and practical education, research and development and cooperating with the regional and local universities.

Our Mission

The university will promote people to give education at international standard level. The university will support local and universal values. It aims to raise the status of education to an utmost level. The university has undertaken a role of being an educational bridge between the student and the world.

Dear Students,

The world is going through a new era that is commonly referred to as the "age of information". Globalization is removing boundaries as well as expanding the markets from a regional to a global level.
In this global age where the content and scope of information has reached such great extents, there are two fundamental principles that enable institutions, societies and states for survival and achievement: To acquire knowledge and to use and share it professionally by means of communication technologies. In order that communication may be successful, it is vital to master at least one foreign language, preferably English.
The service sector has an increasing and important share in the income of developing and developed countries. Therefore, new and appealing opportunities are improving in such industries as banking, insurance, advertising, and tourism, in addition to those in the traditional professions.
Our students will be provided with all the necessary information and proficiency by the well-known members of the academia and expert professionals of the business world. They will access to the most recent computer applications and the facilities of internet.
Our university aims to elevate the standards of higher education and provide professionals to the institutions in the country. We expect that our graduates shall not only be in great demand in the country but all over the world. These graduates will be representing the country in the best possible way in the 21st century

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Öztaş
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