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Reputable Turkish Columnist paid a courtesy visit to Ishik University Back  All News

Reputable Turkish columnist Rushen Cakir visited Ishik University to meet with Professor Ahmet Oztas, Ishik University President. Rusen Cakir is a TV producer, author and columnist, well known with his interest in the Middle East affairs. He is the author of 15 published books and hundreds of articles.

During his visit to Ishik University, Mr. Cakir stated that Iraqi Kurdistan Region has never been more important to Turkey than it is today. Mr. Cakir also mentioned that he is glad to see that the region is developing very rapidly and for sure has a great potential to continue to do so. Mr. Rusen Cakir stated that he is happy to see Ishik Educational Institutions’ presence in the region, which will improve close relationships with Turkey. Mr. Rusen Cakir praised Ishik University’s recent developments and stated that Ishik University already has a more advanced standing than some universities in Turkey, and once the campus project is completed Ishik University will be competing with the best universities in the Middle East region.

Columnist Rusen Cakir also chatted with some Ishik University students and asked them questions about actual regional issues.

While accepting his guest, Professor Ahmet Oztas said that he is very happy to see Rusen Cakir at Ishik University, who is very well known and followed columnist in this country. Ishik University is working hard to educate tomorrow’s journalists who are as successful as Rusen Cakir.

Last update: December 23, 2013
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